27th October 2016

So after a quiet return from Cambridge all guns are now blazing, so to speak. Lots of auditions, lots of ideas that now need to be scripted and some fantastic meetings at ITV in relation to advising on a new four part drama and a story we pitched to them and now they want to get a scriptwriter involved to write a TV series. Happy days. Now off to an audition for a BBC Christmas ident so I've got to dig out my christmas jumpers.  

23rd August 2016


So, that's 8 weeks of the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival over and done with. What a great experience and a massive learning curve in relation to dealing with an audience. I also worked with some extremely talented people, not just actors but musicians as well. A couple of us are now writing for the Edinburgh Fringe next year. Onwards and upwards. My company, 'Cops on film and TV' have now been contracted to ITV and have received a pitch very favourable as well. So all is good and the sun is shining. I have placed a number of photographs onto the site as well.


8th August 2016

We are now into the final two weeks of the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival and what an experience and learning curve it has been. Coriolanus had some fantastic reviews and was well received by the audiences. We performed a matinee of Coriolanus on Thursday afternoon and an evening performance of Henry V, a first for me and bloody exhausting. Henry V has been hit a little by the poor weather but we had a great audience in on Saturday and looking forward to a week of sunshine and good audiences this week. 


8th June 2016

So, I am now appearing the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival from the 11th July through to 20th August 2016. I will be appearing in:

Coriolanus 11th-30th July Robinson College Gardens

Henry V 1st - 20th August 2016  St Johns College Gardens

I am really looking forward to this especailly as it's regarded as on of the top 5 arts festivals in the UK.  Picnics are welcomed before the show in the gardens and as long as the sun shines it's going to be great.

All details can be found on the website.

11th May 2016

Now into pre-production for the short film we are making and also in development for a 6 parter which we are currently looking to pitch. It's a great story and one which will set the tongues wagging when it's finally seen. Lots of meetings and work coming in for Cops on Film and TV and lots of enquires as a result fo my LA week. so onwards and upwards.

18th April 2016

So I just returned from Los Angeles after a week of networking. What an overwhelming and positive week that was. The feedback I received from managers and agents alike was amazing. Whilst I never doubted my ability It's never been vocailised as it was last week. So now I have to use this feedback to enhance thingas over here and work on the Visa. 

30th March 2016

Well, what a busy year this ha been so far. Lots of filming done already including a national TV commercial which will be released in April (more to come). The company I formed, Cops on Film and TV has two new advisors who have brought a whole new dimension to the company, Two new scripts to write with some great ideas from my co-workers. Plus I'm off to LA in ten days time to network courstesy fo Industry Hollywood. So pretty busy all in all and enjoying the ride.

15th January 2016

Oh my goodness, where does the time go. Happy New Year. Really busy end to the year and just the same at the beginning of this one. I was filming in Burton Upon Trent last week, one of the scenes involved my character playing rugby, something I haven't done since I was 16. So running around in mud on a cold night up north was great fun as were the teams from the Burton On Trent Rugby club but my backs not thanking me. I have now completed a short fim script and it looks like that it's going to be produced this year.  However a film I was in called 'Over' has been picking up awards all over the world and last week was nominated for a BAFTA, very exciting. I've attached the Aviva commercial which is currrently being shown prior to the Rugby Highlights show on ITV on a Sunday night. 

21st October 2015

So the three commercials I recently filmed have all now been released the final one, Aviva-Rugby Highlights Show, was aired on Sunday and will probably get a few more airings before the domestic rugby season finishes. I've attached the first two above. The scripts have been returned from Raindance and there's a lot of work to do, having said that I've penned another script which for a first draft doesn't read too bad. Just booked to go back to LA in April to netwwork, very exciting. 

14th September 2015

It's been a very busy couple of weeks. I've filmed a couple of commercials and been for quite a few auditions. I'm awaiting some independent reviews from Raindance with reagrds to a couple of scripts I've submitted and then once they're tweaked I'm going to produce them. Just started the singing lessons as well to bring me up to scratch and then there's the possibility of movement classes................Not my idea. Have a great week.

30th August 2015

So I'm now back after what has been a very busy year so far, both professionally and socially, having just completed celebrating my wifes 40th birthday with a trip to Dubai. An amazing country which is still developing. Some great projects lined up including a couple of films, a charity commericial and pantomime auditions. 

28th June 2015

What a busy couple of months, my daughter got married last weekend and my new company has launched as well. Plus I've been filming and doing the auditions. So firstly last weekend my daughter got married and we had a fantastic reception in Ely, Cambridge. I've attached the link to watch our dad and Daughter dance with a twist. Click on the link above to take a look. My company Cops on Film and TV has now launched so take a look at the website and give us some feedback. Click on the cops on film and tv logo above to go to the website Did some green screen filming with James Midgeley and Karma Creative last week. Really good experience. Finally I'm on a course with Raindance called the Filmakers Foundation Course. Really good course and some very useful information about shooting a film on a low budget. Things are really busy now auditioning 3 out of the five days already next week plus I'm also sorting a script out with the intention of shooting within the next few months. 

6th April 2015

Just had four days in Bournemouth shooting a short film, Hail to the King. Lovely crew and a really good experience in relation to all of the different emotions I had to display. Two gigs this week on the stand up circuit so really looking forward to that. Also the premier of my first feature happens on te 15th  in central London

25th March 2015

Firstly apologies for the length of time that has passed since I last updated this page. Apart from being at an age where time flies I have been exceptionally busy. Firstly I completed my stand-up comedy course with a showcase on the 2nd March, a great night with a really receptive audience. I've now booked some gigs in London for the first and second weeks in April. Secondly I've just copmpleted my new showreel so I will post it on the video page. Finally I am starting a new company directly linked to the film and TV industry....very exciting.

27th January 2015

Wow, where did that year go? What a really good year it was. Lots of work and lots of exciting things happening.  My acting coach, Paul Duddridge,  worked wonders on me, lots of writing and amending and lots of good ideas to work on in 2015. The year has started well, a couple of days shooting with James Midgely from Karma Creative, bloody freezing but enjoyable. Tweaking a short film which will hopefully be finished this week and be filmed in the next couple of months and I am forming a company with a friend of mine which I will announce nearer the time. I have also started a stand up comedy course with Logan Murray which is really enjoyable and with a showcase on the 2nd should be able to smell the fear. So here's to 2015.

11th December 2014

Well, things have certainly picked up this year and are moving at a remarkable speed. I have been filming over the past couple of weeks and I have finished the short film script which I intend to film in March 2015. I am also undertaking a stand-up course in January with a showcase, also in March next year. I have a feeling that next years going to be even better than this. Last blog of the year do Happy Christmas all and here;s to a great 2015.

3rs November 2014

A very busy few weeks filming, my first photoshoot and lots of auditions. Booked in for a few courses as well. The script will be finished tomorrow and then I have to start penning a 15 minute short. Then it's Christmas, where has that year gone? Answers on a postcard please.

24th September 2014

A very busy few weeks. Just finished a week in Los Angeles on a bit of a fact finding trip for the future and returned on Sunday and had to drive to Nottingham for two days filming. Really good crew and enjoyable experience. The best news is that I have a new agent, Longrunartistes agency, getting lots of auditions and Gina and Nikki are really lovely, so the future looks bright. Auditions tomorrow and Friday so back to the scripts. 

5th September 2104

Long time no see. It's been pretty busy with auditions, Richard II and the script. I even got a part in the new Idris Elba film A Hundred Streets but was told this week that my scene had been cut. Hey ho. So I'm off to LA next week on a fact finding mission in preparation for our move in the latter part of next year. Hope you've had a good summer.

13th July 2014


Just added this short to the videos, take a look and let me know what you think.

12th July 2014

So we are coming to the end of week 2 of Richard II and the reviews have been fantastic and the show's been nominated for an off London award. Great cast, fantastic setting and with the ticket prices so low there's no excuses for not coming to see this.  We are on every Weds-Sat until the 26th July. See you there.

21st June 2014

So rehearsals are well under way and we go live in 11 days, can't wait.

9th June 2014

So after a sucessful audition and recall I have been cast in Richard II in Hoxton between the 2nd - 26th July 2014. Can't wait, rehearsals start this week.

18th May 2014

Wow, where's the time gone? I cannot believe it's been two and a half month since I entered something on here....oops, it's been very busy. Firstly I now have an acting coach in L.A who I speak to on a daily basis and is taking me to the next level of acting. It's been great so far and cannot believe the changes it has made. Secondly my wife and I have decided to move to LA in September next year 2015. The 8th draft of the screenplay is nearly completed and I'm then going to write a farce which I intend to stage in September and a short film. So apologies if I havent't been on here but it's been hectic.

26th February 2014


So, another month has flown by, it'll be Christmas again soon. More auditions, some really funny ones as well. A couple more short films under the belt, two new voice reels (to be uploaded soon) and some great new headshots, cortesy of David Levine ( So very busy plus the script is going in for some overhaul work so there is a production meeting on Friday and then I'll set to work on the 8th draft.

28th January 2014


Happy New year.....if it's not too late. Well it's been a little hectic since the bells chimed thus the lack of news. Christmas and New Year were extremely relaxed and amazing at the same time as my wife and I went to Meeru Island in the Maldives, put it on your bucket list it's fantastic. Done some filming for a corporate for Persil and off again tonight for three nights filming for an independent short. Also another couple of films lined up for February, so all good. The script is in the hands of a Director so awaiting the next move. I've a feeling this is going to be a busy year. 

16th December 2013


I've had quite a few auditions over the past two or three weeks, mainly commercials and a lot of interest on the casting websites which is always very nice. There have also been a couple of filming projects which I should have been filming before Christmas but have now been put back until the New Year. My screenplay is now complete and in the hands of a screenwriter and a script editor. Off on holiday at the end of the week until the New Year so Happy Christmas to everybody and have a great 2014.

11th November 2013


It's silly season again so the Christmas auditions are doing the rounds which can be quite fun. Also auditioned for a feature film last week, a script I really enjoyed as it featured East London, Operation Trident and guns and gangs, all very close to my heart with my previous occupation. I also had a meeting with David Griffiths, a screen writer from L.A who was over here preparing a script for a new TV series. He had been put in contact with me with regards to Police procedure and methodology and was a very productive meeting on both sides. I mentioned my script and David gave me a masterclass in screenwriting, brilliant. More auditions this week so onwards and upwards. 

I've also posted the trailer for the feature I'm in, Little Pieces, on my video page.

17th October 2013


Quite a lot of filming in the past couple of weeks with a shoot in Oxford last weekend which was a very pleasant experience, especially as I was playing a Detective. I've been accepted for another feature film, I originally auditioned for another character in the film, but they have asked me to play another part and have enhanced it form me, very nice. My screenplay has now been entered into a competition in the States, one of the main reasons for doing this was to receive two independent pieces of feedback before I send it off to a script editor. Finally the Legal and General video has now been completed and I've entered it onto my video page. 

23rd September 2013.


An eventful couple of weeks with the highlights being that I have acquired a new agent, International Talent Management and a charity informercial shoot. After the audition all of the details were kept very hush hush with only the location and call times revealed. No details re script etc. The reason for this...... well when I turned up I ascertained that it was an informercial for Wild Aid re the preservation of Rhinos. Everything was on green screen and as I walked along the corridors of the film studios Prince William and David Beckham walked past. Surreal. Both were in this informercial appealing for a stop to Rhino Poaching. Not sure if they specifically asked to be in a commercial with me but I can dream. This is for the Asian market but I'm sure it can be watched on You Tube. Great day. The film script I've been writing is now complete and I'm looking for a script editor. So..onwards and upwards.

4th September 2013


Wow where has this year gone. A quiet this week with regards to auditions but busy writing in an attempt to finish the film script. Now into it's 3rd draft and lots of changes which I thought were funny the first time around but not anymore. A couple of weeks ago I was filming an independent feature film in Guildford. The scene invloved me finding a 17 year old up to no good, chasing him and then having a tussle. It wasn't staged and the Director just let us go for it resulting in not only authenticity but Bruised ribs and a pulled muscle in my leg. Note to self...remember your age. Just accepted a part in another independent feature.  

8th August 2013


So another busy couple of weeks with auditions, filming and writing. The trailer for the comedy film I've written is now complete and we will look at casting the remaining two principles in the next few weeks. I was Filming in Brompton Cemetry, next to Chelsea Football club on Monday. The day started beautifully sunny but when we started filming the  the scene in the afternoon the heavens opened and I got drenched. Hey Ho. So off to learn my lines for an audition on Saturday.

28th July 2013


A really busy week meeting with the talented James Midgely from Karma Creative at Twickenham Film Studios to discuss the progress of filming the script I've written. There are only two options open. A thirty minute pilot or a 90 minute film so I will be tweeking the script in the next few days and writing a 2-3 minute trailer to be filmed in September. Also had some auditions this week and a sucessful callback resulting in a job for a very well known investment group to be filmed in August. Finished the week filming in Guildford with the sun playing havoc going in and out of the clouds. Busy week ahead can't wait.

16th July 2013


I'm back. After an unbelievable experience in Australia witnessing the British and Irish Lions triumphing against the Wallabies, (honestly it was unbelievable), I have returned to a plethora of auditions and preparation work, which is great. I had a meeting with a script editor today regarding the web series I have written and it was very positive with some minor tweaks to be made which will make the characters even more interesting. I have a meeting on Tuesday with a director with regards to progressing this project, so, onwards and upwards.

20th June 2013


Things have been pretty hectic here especially writing the script. I am now writing episode six of seven and there is a meeting planned for next week to diarise the itinerary and get a Director on board. Off to Australia next Thursday to follow the British and Irish Lions....can't wait.

w/c 27th May 2013.


So the format of the situation comedy I'm writing has now, finally been decided. It will be 7 x 10 minute episodes. I had already written a 42 page script which was relatively easy but I'm finding this a lot harder, condensing storylines etc, still it's all experience. So busy writing this week.

w/c 13th May


So a really really good week. I now have an agent, Nic Knight Management, he will be representing me from now on so exciting times ahead. Busy writing at the moment and three quarters of the way through the pilot. Watch this space.

3rd May


Wow what a week that was. Showcase on Wednesday 1st May was amazing and the end of a fantastic course with Brian Timoney. Just been told I have an audtionfor a new TV Series in Manchester. 

A great week of filming working with some very professional crews from the Met film school.


Just been called for a commercial casting tomorrow and then off to Eastbourne for a reshoot of a scene.


May 1st I have a showcase at the Groucho Club in London.


I am also writing a seven part viral internet situation comedy based on relationships which is scheduled to shoot in September 2013.

Malcolm Davies

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