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I was born in Ilford on the outskirts of London and from a young age believed my destiny lay with the smell of the greasepaint after appearing as Dr. Bradman in Noel Cowards Blythe Spirit when I was 16.

At the age of 20 I began a thirty-year career with the Metropolitan Police Force and, after three years, joined the Criminal Investigation Department. In 1988 I had my first posting as a Detective and went to Hackney in East London. I have led high profile reactive and pro-active investigations as well as serving on Borough and Specialist Crime Units, including the Operation Trident gun and gang crime unit and the Technical Surveillance Unit where I managed high-risk covert operations.

I also hold a Certificate of Education obtained whilst lecturing at the Detective Training School and to outside intelligence agencies.

In 2008 an ITV drama about one of my high profile investigations was filmed. I found myself assisting the scriptwriter, Gwynn Hughes, of U Be Dead and advising the actor who portrayed me, David Kennedy. I have also worked with David Morrisey when he prepared for his role as a Detective Inspector in the Sky 1 Drama Thorne.

I retired from policing in 2012 with a number of commendations to my name for leadership and detective ability. I then undertook a year's method acting course, acquired an agent and hit the ground running. To date I have appeared in a number of commercials, short films and features and in the play Richard II in London.

I have also written a feature and some shorts, one of which I hope to produce in 2016. alI have also been performing stand up comedy in London.

I have also set up a company called 'Cops On Film and TV' specifically for providing advice on Policing procedure and methodology to the Film and TV production world.


Malcolm Davies

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